Note 4 August 2011

Something wrong with my paypal, so i will contact them, to fix my problem, about mf don't worry i still gonna upload to there

it's fix? dunno

Note 17 Jan 2012

i was busy lazy to write tracklist, u can found tracklist in here


Hey, for u who haven't know this. Megaupload has been shut down.

Official FBI press release:

Detailed indictment; p. 69f. are Kim Dotcom's confiscated luxury cars.  :)

More info:

Ok, I think i will not upload to other site. Why? Because if megaupload has been shutdown, the next site maybe (wrute any other site here).

Thx for comming, if megaupload back, i will back again


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Kodj said...

Thanks for all your hard work!! Hopefully Megaupload will come back...

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